Maxims for Dating & Engaged Couples

  1. Be happily single and fulfilled in Christ before dating anyone.
  2. Pray together on your dates.
  3. Be honest with each other.
  4. Listen when the other person is talking.
  5. Laugh together.
  6. Have some dates which include serving and blessing others.
  7. Agree to save the gift of physical intimacy for marriage.
  8. Avoid overly sensual, physical contact (contact that stirs up excessive sexual desire).
  9. Never trust your flesh.
  10. Never be alone together in an isolated, unaccountable place.
  11. Value the counsel of both sets of parents without being defensive.
  12. Give each other space and regularly spend time apart from each other.
  13. Cultivate healthy friendships with others.
  14. Be a whole person – exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, have a healthy & wholesome hobby, unplug and practice silence each day.
  15. Be quick to forgive and quick to say, “I was wrong – will you forgive me?”

These maxims seem simple, but each one affects the dating relationship in profound (and sometimes hidden) ways. The key is to actually practice each one.